Transparency __ 2nd

To begin this project, I had to created a composition that consists of various elements: three dashed, three dots, one circle, one line, one square, one triangle and one arch. They had to be arranged in a way that they overlap. The purpose was to show our understanding of transparency and color mixing. I had to select 3 shapes with 2 layers and 3 shapes with 3 layers of overlapping transparency.

After arranging the elements I had to figure out what colors I would use. One of my main concerns was selecting colors that did not cause me trouble when mixing them for the overlapping parts, and that I could run out of paints. Painting the smallest parts also terrified me at first, but I set that as a challenge to myself and began focused more on the arrangement of every object and the appropriate color for each. After selecting my colors, I began painting them, making sure that it looked professional and neat. Compared to my previous attempt, this one looks much better, and needs few correction for the mixture part.

The time, frustration, and wakefulness that this project required was worth it because it served me a lot to practice my skills of painting and developed new techniques during the process.