Spots Project

Spots Project __ 3      Spots Project __ 5Spots Project __ 7

This project consisted on the idea of implementing seven concepts/variables that we had already discussed in class; one composition had to consist of 3 variables, one of 5 and one of 7. I also had to consider the use of a 50/50 ratio of black and white to reflected contrast between light and dark throughout one of the compositions. It all started with three drawings that did not resemble familiar objects.

After finding the right drawings I transferred them into a 11″17″ drawing¬†papers, where¬†I had to consider the variables that I chose to work with and¬†make sure to include¬†the idea of 50/50 (white and black) as well. These factors created¬†a little bit of difficulty¬†when¬†arranging the elements, since I had to be careful¬†when and where to place every object and prevent that my other ideas for the other variables altered¬†the others, the variables were the key point for this project in order to work together with the spots.¬†Well, for this I had to sketch my ideas several times! Experimenting with size,¬†direction, distance, proportion, interval, scale and density.

Overall, this assignment was very difficult; the idea of sketching several times, having my brain multitasking all the time, and the amount of time that it took. However, learning about the concepts behind it and how these concepts can be applied in other works I can confirm that it all was worth it. This project made me realize that I have to pay more attention to every detail in order to end up with a stronger composition.