About Me

Hi, my name is Beata Zych. I am a freshman at New York City College of Technology . My major is Hospitality Management. I like to communicate with people that’s one of the reason why I picked this major. Being a GM in a great restaurant is where I see myself in the future.

I am currently working as a server and bartender at Italian restaurant. I work in this industry since I was 17 years old. At first I was working in a coffee shop as a barista and then I moved on into the restaurant business. Right now being a server and bartender will help me in the future because I will know what to expect from an employees on those position because I been there.

I am very friendly and outgoing person. I am really hard worker and I like things to be done right. I’m trying to be always on time. I also have a good memory.

I want to be a great manager, and I hope after college my leader ship skills are going to be better. I will learn ways on how to talk to people and being a professional.