Narrative: Troubles of filming at spots (sometimes)

As a skater you already know how difficult it can be to skate certain spots when security is always lurking around ready to kick you out of that perfect spot of yours. In my past because I have a camera I’ve used it to my advantage in order to talk my way into letting the security guard allowing us to either stay to film or at least try a few more times.

I remember one night of late night skating in a parking lot in my town which had a nice curb that turned into a ledge and drop down into a bank into the the entrance of the parking lot. I’m filming with two skaters hitting the spot like it owes them money! when from the upper level of the parking lot a female security guard yells at us. Shes clearly asking us what are we doing here. Quickly thinking I pull out my college ID and tell her that I’m working on a very important project for school and I need this exact location to boost my project to an A. I then continue to tell her that we will leave once we are done and will pay extra careful to not brake anything.

Unfortunately the whole school project idea doesnt work and those pigs will still shut you down. When this happens I just leave respectfully and then come back when I can.

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