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New Acadamic Building

New Acadamic Building Guanlin Du Day 1

Revit Into & Scavenger Hunt

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Stair-Arch D

Partition Wall




Arch2330_D618_Prof.King_Du_Guanlin_022014(Partition Wall)

partition wall-Arch D

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Drawing List Abbreviation Symbol

sheet Arch D (1)

ADA Diagram

ADA 1 Arch D (1) ADA 2 Arch D (1)

Zoning Diagram

Arch2330_D618_Prof.King_Du_Guanlin_021314Zoning diagram Arch D (1) Zoning Text Arch D (1) zoning text 2 Arch D (1)


map-Arch D tex.1-Arch D


563582_570169173008207_604250677_ni had interview Kevin Duarte. like to draw while he is young. he had study architecture in high school. he consider one of his best skill to be drafting not only by hand and also good in auto-cad. in this semester he plan to broaden his knowledge in architecture.

by Guanlin Du


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