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Stair-Arch D

Partition Wall




Arch2330_D618_Prof.King_Du_Guanlin_022014(Partition Wall)

partition wall-Arch D

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Drawing List Abbreviation Symbol

sheet Arch D (1)

ADA Diagram

ADA 1 Arch D (1) ADA 2 Arch D (1)

Zoning Diagram

Arch2330_D618_Prof.King_Du_Guanlin_021314Zoning diagram Arch D (1) Zoning Text Arch D (1) zoning text 2 Arch D (1)

Zoning Analysis Assignment

Site Plan-Layout1 Zoning Info


map-Arch D tex.1-Arch D

Add Vocabulary and Sketch Assignments

Sketch assignments are late.  Also each student must add 2 vocabulary definitions for each class meeting.  At present with two classed complete each team member should have 4 entries.

We still need to add me as admin and please add a category called “Prof. King”