My name is Farhana Upannash. My pronounce is She/her/hers. I am an ambivert person. When I say I am an ambivert, it means I like going out but at the same time, I love to stay home ( not too much extrovert nor introvert). I started showing interest in Fashion when I was a teenager. My mission statement is “ I believe in myself and keep my faith up for both professional and personal life. This e-portfolio has all of my works which I started working on and worked on since my freshman year of college. I have given me all efforts to come this far in my life. It was a tough journey but also this journey made me a strong person. My perspective of seeing life is unique. Before I left the world I want to leave a mark for my future kids and for other’s kids as well. I want my workplace to understand and see me as a strong, independent, and hardworking woman who helps others. Seeing myself happy automatically makes me feel alive”.  Since my High school days, I knew I want to get my degree in Fashion. Besides fashion what also I really like is doing Calligraphy.  I practice calligraphy and I hope one day I will go to Turkey to learn more about it and Sufism. I feel like being spiritual makes me a calm person and that’s why I focus on learning calligraphy/reading books about Sufism. Since I started college, one thing I have been kept in my mind is that I have to become someone to aspire to other young girls. I consider myself a strong hard-working person. I make sure before my class starts I have everything I need so I don’t have to leave the class. I am an organized person when it’s about doing certain college work. I keep 

contacting my professors to make sure everything I am doing is right. I believe there’s nothing called “Wrong question”. I keep myself working hard until I get what I deserve. In my workplace, I always give my best and ask questions to learn more about any tasks. I keep myself calm and self-restraint because If I become anxious I don’t get my things done but whenever I put effort into something I make sure I give my 100%. My work speaks for me and I keep trying to progress in my professional life. Networking through a well-known networking site where I met amazing people who always inspire me. I believe because of my public communication and networking I will achieve my goals while struggling and learning from my professional life experience so in the future I can become someone who also will inspire the next generation. 

 The design of my logo is extremely close to my heart and mind. The reason why I chose and designed this logo is that I come from a South Asian household. The first initial is from my first name and the last initial is from my last name. The fonts “Maragsa” I chose because this font I always use reminds me of Sanskrit calligraphy writing skills. The colors purple, orange, yellow, and blue I have chosen because these colors make me feel happy and give me a festive atmosphere. The Taj mahal reminds me of love and happiness. I love being surrounded by my loved ones and I love my family & friends. The “Dia” aka “light” represents my strength. The blue color is my favorite color. For years I struggled to find a color that would suit me but failed over and over again. Then one time I tried a blue dress and surprisingly I felt confident and beautiful. Since then I make sure my outfits have blue touch or mostly in blue color because I feel secure and confident. “South Asia” is where I come from. A continent of various cultures. The country I come from is Bangladesh. I always try to keep authenticity with myself. I don’t want to forget my roots and that’s why whenever I try to make some designs or draw things I keep in my mind to put some designs from my own country to make it look homely and comfortable. Flower petals and the colors orange, yellow and purple represent my kindness, honesty, and trust. I take these three things as my core value in my life. I believe in treating others the way I want to be treated. So, I make sure I stay humble, kind and always tell the truth to everyone.