Visual Quotes

This was my First visual quote idea and is the first one i worked on. I had the idea because If you watched the movie “IT” from Steven king , it’s about a clown who kills and his signature catch phrase is ” You’ll Float too”. In the movie he is mostly seen with balloons and so i decide to put everything together and i thought about his floating because of balloons.

This is my second design i really didnt have another idea i put it all in my first one so i thought maybe ill make the phrase into clouds. Even though it has nothing to do with the movie really i thought it came out well.

This is my last design, I had a visual quote i did but i didn’t like it. It seemed sloppy and lazy so i started thinking again , i even watched the movie again and their was a scene in the movie where Penny wise the clown flooded the basement and came out of the water. I also liked it had the same concept as my first drawing of the third one. I knew I wanted to do something floating on the water and this just fitted perfect

About Me

My name is Brian, I’m a student at City tech studying in Communication design . in my spare time I like to play video games and going out. I also like to watch TV series  and movies, some of my favorite shows are the walking dead and all American . Im hoping to go into the video game industry because of my like toward video games.

When i started i wasn’t sure if i was capable of doing all of the work while keeping my passion for my hobbies but the past year has helped me a lot, Ive learned how to mange time better and learned new things in COMD. It also stared helping me to draw again after i gave up on that back in my freshman year of high school.