Testing out new Cake pops

Usually when I get an order for cake pops they are pretty simple. ¬†What I mean by simple is just plain chocolate or maybe some sprinkles or color sanding sugar to match the theme of my customers¬†party. ¬†Just recently a friend of mine reached out to me and asked me to make a dozen teddy bear cake pops for her cousins baby shower. ¬†The last time I tried to make cake pops look like an animal (a bunny) for easter, it was a disaster but I decided to take the challenge. ¬†I looked on you tube to see if anyone else had tried to make them. ¬†I got some ideas but I really didn’t like the way they looked. ¬†I did not want to use Fondant on the cake pops so I played around with some candy and figured out which ones worked best. ¬†My friend was very happy with the cake pops and I got some compliments when she tagged me on Facebook. ¬†Tell me what you think.

Passion for baking

Hi my name is Belinda and I love to bake.  I bake because I find baking very relaxing. I would love to become a pastry chef and open my a little bakery.  I am the only one in my family that loves to bake.  Before opening my own bakery I would definetely love to work for a catering hall.  One of my friends was my biggest influences in baking.  She continued to push and encourage me when I doubted myself.  I love to make wedding cakes and see the reaction on the brides faces when they see their cake.  I always bake for my family on holidays.


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