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Demetri Parker

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Hand sketch


Need to improve his computer skill. To learn more knowledge about architecture.

Why Architecture;

When he was a child, he was interested in architecture and  liked making models by hands.  He found himself had the sense to feel the great of the buildings. When he saw people was building a house, he felt it is very meaningful and interested in it. He dreamed he could build a house someday so he chose architecture to achieved his goal.

By Tan Huiying


Marco Dwyer

Marco Dwyer


– Marco is a fast learner. Marco can catch on to anything he puts his mind to quickly.

Weaknesses/ Improvements:

– Marco’s weakness is his compositions. He looks forward to improving his compositions.

Why Architecture?

Childhood passions such as math and drawing lead up to architecture. The door toward architecture opened for Marco through his childhood. He was told that he would some day be an architect. Marco look into it as a child, and has not decided otherwise since then.

By Demetri Parker