First, a steel angle is bolted into the concrete slab. Then, 2 steel brackets are bolted or screwed to the anchor. A vertical mullion is bolted in between the two brackets. A shear block is screwed to either sides of the mullion. After that, a horizontal mullion slides onto the shear block (covering it completely), and is screwed to it. A full width mullion gasket is slid onto the front of the vertical and horizontal mullion. A connecting plate is screwed to the vertical and horizontal mullion, connecting them together. A glass pad is screwed to both ends of the connecting plate, which supports the glass. Then the glass are placed. Small width gaskets are placed in front of the glass’s edges. A pressure plate is slid onto one of the gasket on the end of one glass and the gasket on top of another glass, then done the same vertically. Last a horizontal and vertical cover cap is slid onto the pressure plates, to hide all the screws.