The unitized curtain wall is an exterior facade  is assembled and glazed at the  factories and then brought to the construction to be connected to the building structure.  It increases  the speed of the field construction.The system can be installed in a third of the time of a stick-built system. This system is well suited for cases where there is a large volume of prefabricated unitized panels required, where there are higher field labor costs (thereby shifting the labor to a more cost-effective factory work force), where higher performance is needed (for wind loads, air/moisture protection, seismic/blast performance), for taller structures, and more regular conditions for panel optimization.




  • Can be install quicker and easier than a stick curtain wall system.
  • Light Weight  Material.
  •  Cheaper cost.
  • Accommodation of multiple spandrel systems (glass, metal panels, stone, terra cotta, etc.)
  • High performance systems (thermal, air, water, dynamics)
  • Strong adaptability for the main structure, applicable to high-rise building of steel structure.
  • Minimizes site operations