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Daniel Rosario

Daniel Rosario (posted by Diana Seclen)

Since an early stage of his life he felt fascination towards architecture.

Daniel is a quick learner and help get things done as a group when things start falling apart.He is hoping to learn more about zoning, building code, ADA, and better my understanding of revit





Michelle Yang  (posted by Melissa Vazquez)

Michelle enjoys studying creative and interesting topics.  She is also good at math and sketching. These are the main reasons Michelle aspires to be an architect.

 Michelle’s skills include Rhino, Indesign, Adobe Illustrator and Autocad. Throughout this course she hopes to learn and perfect Revit.


 Melissa Vazquez  (posted by Michelle Yang)IMG_9373

hello, this is our team 5 member named Melissa Vazquez. She decided to study Architecture because she enjoys  art and she loves the idea of creating spaces in which will affect people’s daily lives. she is fairly good at Auto cad and Revit. she hopes to learn in detail, zoning areas, and also improve her Revit techniques.



                                             Diane Seclen (posted by Daniel Rosario)

                                             she has always been interested in structures and vernacular                                                architecture. As she grew up she saw a big necessity that                                                    was not being fulfill in terms of housing in her country, Peru.                                                  She is fast at learning new softwares. She hopes to able to                                                    strengthen her now basic knowledge of Revit, and to get totally                                              in-sync with NYC building code an the imperial unit system as                                              well



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