2013-10-02 10.58.11Hadiza originally began pursuing an architecture degree in 2008 but was unsure if it was the path she wanted to pursue. She decided to take a year off to visit Africa and reevaluate her direction. Upon returning she enrolled in a graphic design course and earned her degree. It was during this time that she realized architecture was her true calling. She is now enrolled at CityTech as an architecture major and is involved in the solar decathlon, something she is very passionate about. Her strengths include retaining information, persistence and a never give up attitude. This semester she hopes to learn the ins and out of completing a professional architectural project from start to finish, and all the steps it includes. (Interviewed by Robert Davis)


David knew what he wanted to do with his life since he was a kid, he played with legos and realized he could put them together in a very creative way, so when he grew up he decided to take his creativeness to the next level and pursue an architectural career. David’s greatest strengths are based on his background while growing up he was thought CAD in school which made him an expert in it, and also he was thought in Adobe Creative Suite which he cannot do without. This semester David wants to gain more knowledge on how buildings are put together in a structural base and how materials work together. (Interview by Hadiza Djibring)

Marie originally received a bachelors degree in Theater from Hunter College in 2008. It wasn’t until she got a job working as a scenic carpenter that she became interested in architecture. Marie worked on different workshops and has built many things. One of Marie’s greatest strength that can impact our team is the ability of organization and managing. These are key traits to have when working in a team group, because we have a clear cut plan and can be able to meet deadline. Even though she has these great strengths, Marie would like to increase her design production ability and she would also like to work on creativity as well as learn how structures are being built. (Interviewed by David Encarnacion)


Robert currently has an Associates in architecture from Mercer County Community College. He first became interested in Architecture when he was placed into an AutoCAD class in high school and his interests lie in environmental design and sustainability. His strengths include a good grasp on AutoCAD and a knowledge of construction techniques. (Interviewed by Marie)

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