In class we went over the Revit scavenger hunt assignment. That included making sections, elevations and callouts as well as going into the visual graphics annotation menu and making elevation tags visible. We went through the process of printing them to a single PDF as well and the assignment was due posted on Blackboard yesterday.

We spent a good deal of time going over a slideshow about plagiarism. It appears a lot of people had issues with this in their submissions of one form or another. The partition sheet is going to be redone for everyone. On Thursday Professor King wants everyone to come into class with just one wall section (preferably the 3 5/8″ metal stud w/ 5/8″ GWB on both sides) done “perfectly” and on a title block in its proper place (bottom right hand corner). All reference material used for partition sheets needs to be printed to a single PDF as well so he know where you got your information from.

Zoning Code and ADA Code placed into the sheets needs to be labeled by the date and version of the code it is from.


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