iii. 3D model views (at least 3 views extracted from the 3d model)
all major structural elements should be included no walls nonstructural walls required (you’re welcome to do a second 3-D massing which shows the wall) include an outline showing how the penthouse is located compared to the rest of the building.

Please model all the slabs, columns and other structural components.

Some strategies to consider:
Import your AutoCAD file into your rhino model with your gridlines.
Use the gridlines to extrude your columns
Attach the section to the back of your drawing determine the height of the columns.
Use additional images of floorplans to support developing the other floors.
Your primary reference should be the section perspective and the project photographs.
In your pictures express your understanding of the building structure and its floor levels.
Add your pictures as attachments to a new AutoCAD sheet.

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