C01 R Value Calculations

R value calculations

Calculations R values of your full wall section at the following three locations:

  • typical wall assembly
  • typical floor assembly
  • typical roof assembly

Calculations should match with your projects wall assembly. Diagram how calculator layers and your wall section match. For each layer indicate at least the layer’s R value and thickness.

Refer to the Miro the board for more details and examples.


  • 1 board, 24×36 (or 24×34) in PDF format
  • Autocad files (use e-transmit to pack and zip)

Name files using the following naming convention:
course_professor initials_semester_project name_student name
(ex: ARCH2331_AA_S22_Grid_JoseSanchez-01.jpg)
files not conforming to department standards may be graded.