B01 Reference material

Research the Module B case study project.

Draw, collect and research the following Module B case study reference material. Develop the reference material you are assigned from the list below:

  • Site photographs: Clermont Ave. (14 minimum)
  • Site photographs: Flushing Ave. and Park Ave. (BQE) (14 minimum)
  • Site photographs: Vanderbilt Ave. (14 minimum)
  • Drafted sitemap at 3/32” = 1’-0” scale
  • Drafted sitemap at 1/64” = 1’-0” scale
  • Web links with summaries (8 sites minimum)
  • Neighboring elevation 45 Clermont Ave (South tower)
  • Neighboring elevation 7 Clermont Ave (North tower) [team of 2]
  • Contextual elevation 36 Clermont Ave (brick gothic church, Mary of Nazareth Parish (37 Adelphi St)) [team of 2]
  • Contextual elevation 20 Clermont Ave (brick gothic, Sacred Heart Church Rectory) [team of 2]
  • Contextual elevation 38 Clermont Ave (townhouse)
  • Contextual elevation 38A Clermont Ave (townhouse)
  • Contextual elevation 40 Clermont Ave (townhouse)
  • Contextual elevation 42 Clermont Ave (townhouse)

If you are taking photographs, be respectful of the communities’ and residents privacy.