footing depth

Emailed question:
I’m not understanding the part of how we get the footing depth.

Design a strategy follows:

  1. Start calculating your footing depth by thinking about the givens
  2. Set ground floor to elevation 0
  3. Utilize the section from Matt’s to set the street level to -2’-7”
  4. Look at your selected boring report to sketch of the earth under your building
  5. Use boring labeled B11, B16, B8, B5, or MW-7D as your test case
  6. Set as your Street level +10’ on the boring diagram
    [this is a change what we discussed in class, in class we set it at +25’ but we changed the level in the evening section, you may use either however =10’ will give you a more interesting case study]
  7. Diagram different soil types and the weight they can support on your sketch
  8. set your footing depth as follows depending on your foundation type:
  9. slab on grade, as shallow as possible
  • slab on grade, as shallow as possible
    [Depending on your sketch you can make the case that this is not an appropriate foundation type and switch to crawl space or full cellar]
  • Crawl space, minimum depth with 3’ minimum crawl space
    [use gravel under your building]
  • Full cellar, design your cellar floor depth, you should have a minimum clear space of 8’ between ceiling and top of floor
    [your footing it goes at least 1’-8” below your top of cellar floor (see assignment sketch)]
foundation design sketch
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