Monday/Tuesday Stairs B06 3D Framing –> due
Thursday, 04, 30, 2020 Building Envelope
Monday/Tuesday Mechanical B07 Wall sections –> due Heavily weighted grade
Introduce B07 Wall sections
Thursday, 05, 7, 2020 Redlining Module B pinup (all B assignments)
Monday/Tuesday Module C Introduce
Heavy timber sizing
B08 final                        (all documents)
Thursday, 05, 14, 2020 Heavy timber details Introduce Assignment C
Monday/Tuesday High-tech wood construction
Thursday, 05, 21, 2020 Final Examination
– C Final Pin Up
Sketchbook Grated 4 0f 4 –> due
Friday, 05, 22, 2020 Last day of semester Assignment C due
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Beam sizing

Question: I was trying to calculate the beam to use in my building. Can you check the attachment to see if it’s correct?
Answer: Yes, that works with the table Architect Studio Companion

Question: I also need help with finding the width of the beam.
Answer: A beam with is from 2 to 7 times smaller than its depth depending on the beam length. In your example dividing the death by three would equal roughly 5.25” would be a good estimation.

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Wall thicknesses

Question: Is it okay if my exterior walls for the Cooper Residency are 13” thick and the interior ones 6”?

Response: Yes, 13” is a good estimation of what a high performance wall might equal. Interior walls are typical typically just under 5” (4-3/4”) so that is a good number to work with.

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elevation development

A good start, I can review drawings online during class.

some quick thoughts on improvements:

  • you should add a heavy weighted that line indicates the ground level.
  • the lines of your cantilever are too heavy
  • you should add elevation markers to show the relative Heights of the building
  • You do not want to use multiple lines for the curves
  • Give at least 8 inches of thickness to your slope roof
  • With a dash line you can add the outline of the Cellar level
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6:00 PM BT2 video conference link

The 6:00 PM Building Technology II class will connect today via Blackboards distance learning tool, see the announcement on blackboard. The Blackboards announcement contains a link to the video conference.

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MARCH 12th BT2 Support

Per CUNY requirements we will be switching over to a line format over the next few days. Today during class time, we will be utilizing online applications. Class will not meet in our classroom, we will be working on line.

We will be utilizing the following platforms:
Google documents

Be sure to Post your draft elevation included the added sloped roof up to blackboard to receive feedback and comments.

Under: Content -> Project B [High-performance House] -> B03 [Draft] elevations

Try this link now [Thursday 3:40 PM]:

If you’re unable to Connect via the video link: You may use this discussion board to communicate.


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Revised class schedule

(this schedule is subject to change)


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reading assignments due date

Question: When are reading assignments due?

Response: You should complete your reading assignments with notes in your sketchbook the same time as the rest of the assignment. [I will be periodically correcting your sketchbooks with notes in class so in fact you could complete the reading before the first class after your assignment is due.]

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Grid on the image

Question1: I was trying to figure out how to put grid on the image can you please tell me. Response: Can you be a little bit more descriptive with your question? The grid should be drawn using the grid line template as indicated over the drawing. Copy the grid lines in the template and placed them over the image in a way which makes logical sense to the structure of the building. Think about the way the structure of the building works addition to what is represented in the drawing. Remember to use the dimension lines in between the column lines. Copy them and place them in between the grid lines and stretch them to the correct length.

Question2: Assignment 1 due 9 pm, but I saw the assignment is due 9 am on Sunday. Response: The due time is fixed.

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reading assignment

Question: You had mentioned a reading assignment in class. I am having trouble finding where it was posted. I was wondering if you could help me find it.

Response: typically, I give the reading assignment on the slide during the presentation and on the open lab under the most recent assignment. For the current reading see assignment A1.

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