In the class we have raised a question regarding Sula’s evil image that the community imprinted on her. We may ask if we should consider the  evil nature or just view it as a woman who does not have a place to coexist in the society. Sula is a very independent woman for her time period. She has an education, her own opinion, her mid and her goal set. She would put as much energy needed for her goals.

Unfortunately, the early 20th century did not yet find a place for such evolvement, evethough this time is marked with a great changes. Nevertheless, Sula is a woman who knows what she wants, feels secure, and does not care what other think about her she just fallows through. People at that point in a small closed community felt threaten by this new ideology of women independence. And it seemed it was easier to imprint an evil omen on Sula rather than to reach out and try to accept and understand.

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