The author clearly relates David life experience to the turtles. The turtles that he adopted when he was a child. However, they eventually died because he did not understand their needs and did not know how to properly care for them.  They grew and grew… After many years he seemed to reflect on the tragic incident .  He stared to see into the true nature that should mirror outside  and in others. Certainly with that said David did not know for many years how to approach and express himself to the outside, to his family, and especially to himself. He fallowed along a shaped role most of his life. At the end  he was as these turtles trapped in a tank looking to reach their turtle potential and live and flourish in the ocean.

How many times we live by the standards that were tagged on us? Not understood by others… and with that lost confidence how much we could have achieved in the world , even conquer it… conquer ourselves…people who fallow their vocation are people who reached full potential….

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