Final Review

Canterbury Tales
Author: Geoffrey Chaucer
Written in 14th Century
Setting: Pilgrimage–London to Canterbury

“Wife of Bath’s Prologue” WoB–Allison, and her 5 husbands
Book of Wicked Wives, battling against the ideas set out in it
Going against misogyny prevalent in writing of the day

“Desiree’s Baby”
Author: Kate Chopin
Published: 1892/93 (Post-Reconstruction)
SET: Pre-Emanicpation/Antebellum
Desiree, Armand, the baby, Madame Valmont, La Blanche

Of Mice and Men
John Steinbeck
Published 1937
Dust Bowl, farmers leaving midwest, Traveling to California
Migrant work
Lennie, George; Candy, Curley and Curley’s wife, Carlson, Crooks, Slim
Lennie and George and interdependence; Lennie’s death

Nella Larsen
Published 1929
Chicago and New York–Harlem/Harlem Renaissance
Irene and Clare
Third person narrator, Irene is focalizers
Unreliable narrator–means that Clare’s death is unresolved
Obsessional relationship between Clare and Irene

Toni Morrison
Published in 1973
Ohio–The Bottom–cruel joke, but then they turn it around
Nel Wright and Sula Peace
Contrast between Wright family and Peace family
Eva: (Pearl) Hannah, Plum
Nel: Helene, from New Orleans
Shadrack (National Suicide Day),the deweys, Jude, Ajax

David Sedaris
Non-fiction, short memoir
David, Shaun
conflict of family, conflict of identity

Marriage, Family, Love, Friendship, Relationships, Humans and Animals, Deaths, Narrative and Ethical Ambiguity, Gender Identity (gender and culture), impact of racism

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