Just finished reading Passing, I must say this book was not one of my favorites. There were many things I didn’t find interesting. First of all the language spoken was not one for me to catch my attention. The different insight on the characters through the narrators perspective was mainly focused on Irene which i felt didn’t give me enough information on the other character such as Clare or even Brian.

Nevertheless I did finish the book. My biggest question is why didn’t Irene just leave Brian once she suspected he was having an affair with Clare? I get it its a different time period, where woman wouldn’t go far in live, but she could easily go back to Chicago. As for the kids, she could take them with her too. Her biggest weakness to me was Clare. She was never able to stand up to Clare and tell her how she really felt which made her lose her temper and push her over in the end.

Clare on the other hand did have a way of manipulating people, especially Irene. She knew what words to use in order to get what she wanted out of Irene. Although there wasn’t any real proof on the affair, Clare should have known better to be with Brian. If Clare missed Irene as much as she said she did, why would she go after her friends husband? I understand that she feels lonely but shouldn’t she go and occupy herself with her daughter?

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