Response to Of Mice and Men

Overall I liked reading this book. When I first started reading it I started getting bored. As soon as I got to the 3/4th page it made more sense. George and Lennie both have two different personalities which made it even more fun. The small arguments they had were pretty childish. One funny scene I remember was when George was mad at Lennie so Lennie kept saying I’ll leave and just go in those caves. George may not show it as much but we could tell that he really does care a lot for Lennie. Working at the ranch for both George and Lennie seemed fun because they had started to make quite a lot of friends. Working there got them to start dreaming of having their own ranch. The only thing that scared George is the problems that Lennie would start. Lennie might create problems and hurt others but he definitely didnt mean to harm anyone. To me there was no villain or hero in this story. Everyone had their own little personality.


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