The Journey to “Of Mice and Men”

All along reading “Of Mice and Men,” I always think that Leannie is a very big man with a naive mind.  He never has the intention to harm anyone, yet this is what gets him in trouble and/or ending up “hurt” others (such as George, the mouse, his pup and Curley’s wife).

I was surprise and had a bad feeling when Curley’s wife comes and talks to Leannie and offer him to feel the softness of her hair.  With Curley’s wife’s offer, I feel like she will end up as one of the mice that Leannie petted.  The mice do resemble Curley’s wife.  In this story, Curley’s wife is the “little” ones just like mice.  They both struggle to live among other creature/human beings.  I feel like Curley’s wife is so “small” that she feels lonely and therefore she seeks for attention.

For George to kill Leannie at the end is sad but benefits both of them.  Leannie is benefited since getting kill by George is way better than being capture by Curley.  If Curley catches Leannie, I can’t imagine how horrible his death will be.  This way at least Leannie is died with the dream in his head (dream to have his own place and able to tend the rabbits) and without being terrify that he is going to die.  George is benefited from killing Leannie that he now can live his life the way he always said he would if he wasn’t with Leannie.  This ending is kind of a relieve for both George and Leannie, at the same time Curley got what he was there for.

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