Lisa’s Introduction

Hi, I’m Lisa.  I’m the professor.  This is my first semester at City Tech, but I’ve been working in CUNY schools since 2001.  I hold a PhD in English from CUNY’s Graduate Center, I’ve taught English at Brooklyn College, gender studies at Hunter College, and work in the instructional technology program at Macaulay Honors College.  I really enjoyed our first two classes and am excited about this semester.  I love not just teaching, but learning new things alongside my students.  Stop by and visit me after class on Wednesdays (10:15-11:15) in NAM 529 sometime.

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  1. Galvis J. says:

    I’ve always wondered, do professors (or teachers from the K-12 grade system) decide what school to go to? Or are they told by someone where they teach and when?

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