COMD1167 Type & Media, SP2018

This is a foundation course in typography with an emphasis on using type for a multiple of industry related applications.

Month: March 2018

Homework – Due Mon 3/12

Complete the following Type Book pages:

Typebook – Type on a Path

Typebook – Legibility

Class 11 – Legibility, Readability, and What Not to Do

Some of the things we covered during the last class included some we should not do when dealing with type;

  • Don’t use horizontal scaling
  • Don’t use vertical scaling
  • When using colored type on a colored background, make sure the colors of the two have a good contrast.

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Classes 9 & 10 – Tracking, Kerning and Type on a Path

Tracking and Type Alignment

We took a look at how to digitally control tracking and the different type alignment options.  We were able to see what happens when tracking is too tight or too loose. We also took a closer look at what happens when we use justified text alignment. I discovered that one of the advantages of using justified text is that it can save space when a lot of text is used. We also saw a disadvantage that is awkward or bad word spacing that creates too much white space in paragraphs. Sometimes we see streams of this white space, which we call rivers (rivers of white space).

justified text

This is an example of what can happen when text is justified. The paragraph can end up with rivers–indicated by the red lines.

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