Before I get into depth about kerning in my neighborhood, some of the pictures here are from when I used to take a photography class in my last year of high school.  Not once have I realized or notice the significance of kerning. Ever since I started taking this class i never realized how kerning and typography was all around me. Here are some photos from the neighborhoods i used to live in and the neighborhood i currently. In the first image about recycling clothes i never realized how perfectly spaced even the small words in the font of the text. The word “Recycle” itself took my attention the most, mostly because it’s written in caps and in my eyes its kerned better than all the other words written down below/ on top of it. The 2nd image is a common a sign that you can spot in multiple neighborhoods but i just like the fact that its in a yellow background that brings out the text/even better. The kerning of the text in this sign in my eyes i think is really important since the texts cant be too close nor to far mainly because if its too close it’ll be too difficult for anyone to read unless they are up close, and if its to spaced out the letters wouldn’t necessarily be comprehensible. With that being said i personally think kerning is a really important tool that can be used in pretty much anything in society. My last message is free writting words/graffiti that doesn’t necessarily have any kerning which proves to be difficult to understand. Not to mention that there isn’t any spacing between any of these multiple type faces. In conclusion Kerning is every where even the places we least expect as long as there is texts there. Kerning is important since it can bring out the depending how you space out the letters. Im personally grateful since because imagining not having kerning in our society everything would just be munched up together.