Websites with beautiful designs

Even though this website is a German website I love the way everything is set up. The typography and the choice of colors are amazing. The pictures speaks to the audience. Nothing it over crowded. It’s not basic like other website. This company decided to take the risk of trying something new and it’s working.

i simply love this website. Everything is working together. They have little animations on their website which looks very cool. The creator of the website is a 27-years-old Designer/Animator from Hamburg, Germany. The work looks very sophisticated and simple. Even though the website has very little information you would still want to keep looking at it.

I picked this website because Didot is one of my favorite font. I love the way everything is set. The background pictures and the articles matches with each other. Everything is very organized.

Three Graphic Design Websites

This website gives the viewer an idea of what graphic design is and what is is used for. It talks about the responsibility of a designer as well as describing the design field that an individual may take. It talks about the design jobs within the different job titles and the different medium there is for a graphic designer.

This is a good website because it guides you into a self-made graphic designer. It provides a list of books to give you ideas for the design field and what may be advertised or designed. It gives you tips and free vectors that you may want to try out. It provides high quality products to help you in the design field.

This website provides many fonts that you can use in your layout. It shows inspiration and gives tutorials. It also shows examples of logos you can get ideas from and create your own.

3 Graphic Design Websites

This article focuses on 5 different ways to boost contrast in your web design. These particular ways involve making certain objects or text bigger or smaller, to add a little texture, changing the shape, adding color, and doing something unexpected (innovative). Symmetry and order can cause your design to lose some form of hierarchy/contrast. By adding texture to a design it tends to create some type of visual focus. Changing shape or orientation of an element in a design can also add immediate impact. Last but not least, the final way to create high contrast in this article is adding an innovative and random shape or detail.

This article by Jacob Cass is about “Vital Tips For Effective Logo Design”. A logo should be recognizable, inspiring trust, admiration, loyalty and an implied superiority. Logos are mainly used to identify. When creating a Logo you must take into account the history about the company. You also can conduct a questionnaire or interview with the client you are designing for to get a design brief. The key to creating a Logo overall is lots of research, creative thinking, and reflection.

This article involves some graphic design tips for beginners. First off typography is one of the most important elements of any design that helps to create contrast. The grid approach also is an important aspect of graphic design in order to create outstanding visuals. Also another very important rule of thumb for graphic designers is to keep it simple. By making a design chaotic you will lose your audiences interest. My favorite tip overall is knowing the principles, a few of them are: alignment, balance, contrast, repetition, consistency, gestalt, white space and other basic elements.

Graphic Design Websites

The above link is a good website to gain knowledge about typography. The website includes a gallery where people get to upload their works. It allows designers to see other people’s works and use new ideas learned in their own works of art, and also to give feedback to others. Also included in the website is a “jobs” section which shows jobs available for graphic designers.

The website Collegegrad is a good website to help with all careers. If you scroll to graphic designing it will show you all the requirements and everything you need to know about your graphic design career. It shows things such as duties, work environment, schedule, education, and pay. All these things can be helpful on deciding if this is the right career choice for you.

This is also another website that is helpful in achieving your goal of becoming a graphic designer. Like the link before this, this too includes helpful information about what it takes to be a graphic designer. The website includes step by step directions on how to become a graphic designer.

Great Resources for Future Designers

Typophile: If you’re like me, you probably have a hard time remembering all the thousands of existing typefaces and fonts by name, and it’s always frustrating knowing exactly that perfect font to use, but not being able to find it simply because you do not remember what it is called. Typophile allows you to identify any specific fonts with online experts to help you out, simply by uploading the image of the typeface you want to identify. Now it won’t be a hassle trying to guess that name at the tip of your tongue.

2. Awwwards: This website is like the instagram of the design world. With over a thousand users, awwwards allows you to share all your personal work with other designers online, and receive constructive criticism based around a grade system. (design, usability, creativity, content). Helpful not only to receive feedback, but to be inspired for your own work upon the thousands of designs shared on the site.

3: Adobe Kuler: One of the most popular and used sites by designers, Adobe, being the all powerful number 1 when it comes to design software, created Kuler. Kuler is an online digital color wheel tool that offers way beyond what a traditional color wheel can. Featuring thousands of available codes for that exact color for use in all your adobe programs, and other tools like  a theme creator, for pallets on ll your projects.

3 Good Websites for Fonts!

Dafont (, even though it looks shady or very untrusted, it actually has a variety of fonts that you can choose from. They show you fonts that are created by different artists and these fonts are all fonts for fun, meaning if you are going to need a font for some sort of theme that is not really that serious, this is it, this is the website you are looking for. My favorite font from the website is Zenzai Itacha.

/r/Typography (

Reddit for Typography exists! Reddit is known very well because it is a blog kind of website where there is Reddit for everything, literally everything. In this Reddit I see people posting their own created fonts, you can also look for guides and videos related to typography, and people can help you by giving you ideas on the font, corrections, and even help you on your designs on some sort of project.

Psych & Psych (

This website is really eye catching, it is inspiring for me. I really like how typography is used to give information and adding those little gif images there makes it more interesting. Since I like things related to psychology this makes it really interesting for me, typography plus psychology makes a pretty good combination apparently. This website although it has a lot of design, it is not focused on design elements but on psychology and mental health.

Design Resources

Browse thousands of free tutorials to help you learn and expand your graphic design and illustration skills. Tutsplus provides an extensive resource every design student should utilize. They also provide video-based course and ebooks. The step-by-step tutorials are easy to understand and most of the posts provide screenshots with descriptions on how to effectively achieve the “how-to.”

The colourlovers website provides a neat and organized solution to color combinations. Instead of spending hours picking, choosing, trying, and testing different shades and hues, the colourlovers website can be utilized for quick color combination solutions. Although they are user-created palettes the colors combinations can be useful when you’re under a tight deadline.

The type wolf is a great resource to utilize when you are struggling to choose fonts for a design project. The website showcases various types performed on actual websites. The designer Jeremiah Shaof shares this website as a resource for everything related to typography on the web. The Typography Cheatsheet (under ‘Guides & Resources) is an extensive and comprehensive guide to using proper typographic characters, including correct grammatical usage.