Good and bad example of letterspace and kerning


In my eyes this is a good example of typography because everything in the page is very organized. The first thing you see on the page is the word BRISTOL. This is the focus or the main character. There’s visual background, foreground and mid-ground created in the page by using the same font but different size.



In my eyes this is a bad example of typography because overall it’s look very messy. The block-type letters barely has any space between them. The kerning could be much better.

Good Letter Spacing Vs. Poor Letter Spacing


  1. This Bicycle shop sign is an example of poor letter spacing. The name of the shop, Tong Lida, is spaced so far apart that it feels disjointed. This is made more clear as the other text on the sign isn’t spaced very far apart. This juxtaposition of the text only makes the Name of the shop look worse.


2. This Oscar insurance ad is an example of good letter spacing. The text, “The doctor will see you now,” is evenly kerned together to make the text stand out. This makes the advertisement flow as your eye is drawn to read the text and then look at the picture followed by the name of the company and info on the bottom. The letter spacing makes this ad more effective in catching your attention.

Kerning Examples


The pharmach at the right side uses two different style letters on the billboard, because of it uses different letters on the billboard so the kerning between the letters also differents.


In my opinion, the arrangement on this poster is very well. The kerning of the letters are very neatly and clearly.

Kerning Examples

On Monday, we learned what kerning was, and how it affects the visuals of any work of type. Below are two examples of Kerning; One with more precise and organized kerning, and th e other with a lack thereof.


Upon inspecting the letters in this branding design, you can observe an even distance between each letter in the word “TOMS”, with a simple Sans Serif typeface to accompany it.


Upon inspecting the word “BASH” in this poster, there is a lack of sufficient spacing between the “A” and the “S”, as they seem to actually touch at their bases. The “B and the “H” however seem equidistant from the two letters within.