Websites with beautiful designs

Even though this website is a German website I love the way everything is set up. The typography and the choice of colors are amazing. The pictures speaks to the audience. Nothing it over crowded. It’s not basic like other website. This company decided to take the risk of trying something new and it’s working.

i simply love this website. Everything is working together. They have little animations on their website which looks very cool. The creator of the website is a 27-years-old Designer/Animator from Hamburg, Germany. The work looks very sophisticated and simple. Even though the website has very little information you would still want to keep looking at it.

I picked this website because Didot is one of my favorite font. I love the way everything is set. The background pictures and the articles matches with each other. Everything is very organized.

Good and bad example of letterspace and kerning


In my eyes this is a good example of typography because everything in the page is very organized. The first thing you see on the page is the word BRISTOL. This is the focus or the main character. There’s visual background, foreground and mid-ground created in the page by using the same font but different size.



In my eyes this is a bad example of typography because overall it’s look very messy. The block-type letters barely has any space between them. The kerning could be much better.