3 Good Websites for Fonts!

Dafont (dafont.com)

Dafont.com, even though it looks shady or very untrusted, it actually has a variety of fonts that you can choose from. They show you fonts that are created by different artists and these fonts are all fonts for fun, meaning if you are going to need a font for some sort of theme that is not really that serious, this is it, this is the website you are looking for. My favorite font from the website is Zenzai Itacha.

/r/Typography (reddit.com/r/typography)

Reddit for Typography exists! Reddit is known very well because it is a blog kind of website where there is Reddit for everything, literally everything. In this Reddit I see people posting their own created fonts, you can also look for guides and videos related to typography, and people can help you by giving you ideas on the font, corrections, and even help you on your designs on some sort of project.

Psych & Psych (psychnpsych.com)

This website is really eye catching, it is inspiring for me. I really like how typography is used to give information and adding those little gif images there makes it more interesting. Since I like things related to psychology this makes it really interesting for me, typography plus psychology makes a pretty good combination apparently. This website although it has a lot of design, it is not focused on design elements but on psychology and mental health.

Good and Bad Kerning/letterspacing

Eng Book Cover Bad Spacing

On this cover, in the word  “Literature” the letter “T” is a bit too far from the letter “A”, as well as the word “Composition” the letter “O” is too far from both the “I” or “N”

Gundam box

The type in this cover box has the perfect amount of space in between each letter, it makes them readable, it is maybe a little tight but they are large enough for easier reading.