Graphic Design Websites

The above link is a good website to gain knowledge about typography. The website includes a gallery where people get to upload their works. It allows designers to see other people’s works and use new ideas learned in their own works of art, and also to give feedback to others. Also included in the website is a “jobs” section which shows jobs available for graphic designers.

The website Collegegrad is a good website to help with all careers. If you scroll to graphic designing it will show you all the requirements and everything you need to know about your graphic design career. It shows things such as duties, work environment, schedule, education, and pay. All these things can be helpful on deciding if this is the right career choice for you.

This is also another website that is helpful in achieving your goal of becoming a graphic designer. Like the link before this, this too includes helpful information about what it takes to be a graphic designer. The website includes step by step directions on how to become a graphic designer.

Good/Bad LetterSpacing_hw_Dhruvp




I seen this sign while in the train. It does not show good letter spacing. In the word Brake, the letter “e” is very close to the letter “k”. Also there is very little space betweeen the words Emergency and Break compared to the spacing between the words bellow it.


The NYPD car is an example of good letter spacing. If u look at where it says NYPD, the spacing between the letters is perfect. The letters are all evenly apart from each other.