Corona the Place of Refined Types – Maisha

Typography is presented in the photo above, with almost several of fonts used to convey the audience’s attention that draws them to the stores. Dunkin Donuts and Check Cash place has a San serif type family. To differ the round san serifs and equally spaced bold font allows people to read easily and straightforward. In Checks Cash, tall modern san serif bold typeface creates a more modern approach as well as drawing attention of older audiences. Not only is it a modern approach, but more assertive in a bold text. In the second sign, the Liquor and Wine has a casual script type family with few less swatches and creates a more legible font for the older audience as well. The third sign has a mixture of old style and modern with no san serif to connotate the old fashion style they have with a mixture of modernization.

The more fonts I saw in my neighborhood, had the ideal 5 family type there, where it creates a welcoming sign to all ages. Nail salons and Spa’s had more of script and curvy fonts to make you feel more approachable to the store. As for kids stores, there are more fonts that have bolder round color type face to attract the attention of younger kids. I had saw very few old style serif fonts, where all stores had seemingly transitioned into the modern style with no san serif and with either kerning to fit all the writing in one space or to create a flowy type where people can read easily.

Fort Greene’s innovative artwork – Jevaughn

Image displaying typography, letting viewers know Jimmy Kimmel is coming back to Brooklyn.

This image above is a form of typography, it is showing viewers that Jimmy Kimmel will be back in Brooklyn, New York to perform his show from October 15 to October 19, 2018. As you can see in the picture the “M’s” are being replaced by the bridges so show his viewers that the performance will be happening in Brooklyn, New York and to convince the viewer to come to the Jimmy Kimmel show to watch something interesting, creative and innovative, so basically the people who created this artwork, can potentially be influenced to come to the show and support Jimmy Kimmel. The colors also made it appealing because they used dark mysterious colors to show the viewers that the show will be happening at night.

        What this type of typography shows about my neighborhood is that my neighborhood is somewhat innovative and creative, as well as one of the most popular neighborhoods in the borough of Brooklyn. The reason as to why I labeled my neighborhood which is Fort Greene as one of the most popular neighborhoods in Brooklyn is because of the fact that this Jimmy Kimmel sign was only in my neighborhood and I did not see this exact sign in any other neighborhood. Another reason that probably contributes to the fact that my neighborhood is popular is because the Barclay Center is close to Fort Greene and the Barclay Center seems to be the heart of Brooklyn, so that is probably one of the reasons as to why my neighborhood receives such special signs with creative forms of typography in them. The reason as to why I labeled my neighborhood as innovative and creative is because of the fact that it takes a good thinker and creator to replace the “M’s” of the Jimmy Kimmel signs as the Brooklyn bridge.

         The typography that I’ve personally witnessed in my neighborhood was somewhat diverse, unique and outside the box. I’ve seen the subway sign which had arrows pointing in opposite directions in the “S” and the “Y”. I’ve seen graffiti in multiple places in my neighborhood used in different ways and different colors, some of the graffiti were written in script while other graffiti was written in big bubble letters, the meanings behind the graffiti words could be negative or positive. In conclusion I feel as if there is no other neighborhood in Brooklyn like Fort Greene because the typography here is well thought out and unique, it captures the viewers attention.

Fonts in East Flatbush – Jemar

East Flatbush has a lot of random businesses that are usually packed really close together. So sometimes you can see a very wide variety of fonts by just walking down one or two blocks. The character and feeling of the font usually goes with the business, so the styles can vary pretty drastically as the businesses vary from one another. A majority of the fonts I saw had no serifs which gave them a uniform look. This was common for the fonts used by industrial companies such as the ‘Federal Pump Company.’ The font used by the pizza shop has curved serifs and beaks with indents in them. That gives it a classical look, like something you’d see in an old western movie. ‘Federal Pump Company’ on the other hand is more serious and modern. They have letters that are very straight and upright with strong bold lines, sharp edges and minimal spacing. Their navy blue and white color scheme adds to the feeling of professionalism, allowing it to appear as a company you can trust. 

Places like restaurants, hair salons and spas tend to have more playful and curvy fonts that seem a bit more welcoming. However, these fonts can be hard to read at times if they are too elaborate and have many unnecessary curves that hide the structure of the letters. There was a stylized ‘a’ that could be mistaken for the letters ‘o’ or ‘u’ which might leave the viewer confused. Overall, the font in my neighborhood is very diverse. But since things are packed so tightly together, the small details that make a font special are often overlooked when it’s around many other font styles that may be larger or more flamboyant than others.

Hi, My Name is Jacky

My name is Jacky and I’m majoring in communication design. I grew up in Brooklyn. My hobbies are playing the guitar, playing video games, and listening to music. I like to think of myself as a relaxed and calm person.

Hi, My Name is Isaiah


My name is Isaiah and I’m majoring in communication design. I’m a very chill and relaxed person. My hobbies are listening to music and playing video games. I was born and raised in Brooklyn but most of my family was born on the island of Grenada.

Illustrator: Jemar

Hi, I am ChaoChao, Lin

Hi everyone! My name is Chaochao, I am majoring in communication designs. I am from China, I have been to the USA since 2011. This is my third semester in NYCCT. My main hobby is singing and drawing. I like to eat dessert and play piano in my free time.


Hi, My Name is Jevaughn

My name is Jevaughn, I was born and raised in the borough of Brooklyn, New York, I would consider myself a down to earth person. I would also consider myself a sports fanatic, sports are a real hobby of mine, ever since I was a little kid I grew a big interest in sports. I love to watch movies particularly thrillers, dramas and horror films. As far as foods that I like to eat, I would say that I enjoy chinese food the best.

Illustrator: John

Hi, I’m Cameron

Hi everyone, my name is Cameron and I’m currently majoring in Communication Design after switching over from 2.5 years of Computer Science. I was intrigued by computer programming which made me pick up CS but then I realized it’s not something I want to take on as a career. I love art/design so this major will allow me to be more creative and enjoy my work a lot better.

I have many interests so I’ll just talk about the ones most important to me. Piano is the first, I’ve learned to play since elementary school but don’t get to practice since I don’t own one sadly. I enjoy listening to a lot of different music but my favorite genre is indie music. I love art/photography, anything that is appealing to my eye and catches my attention is interesting to me. I’m very into fashion too, I mostly like streetwear but try to delve into different styles myself.  And lastly, I’ve been gaming since I was about 4 years old and got into competitive gaming when I was 14; I’ve been competing since then and I play many different fighting games, as they are definitely my favorite type of game to play.

Artist: Damien