The Typography of East Flatbush

There are many small businesses running down Nostrand Ave so I decided to stroll down that part of my neighborhood expecting to find many different types of fonts to capture. Strolling down the long Avenue I noticed that most businesses opted to use Sans Serif typefaces for their awnings, and I feel it’s due to it being very straightforward, clean, and legible.  Some newer businesses tried out fancy and unique typefaces but sometimes fell short as they weren’t the most straightforward and sometimes just not legible at all. Another thing I noticed is that mostly beauty stores and hair salons generally chose script or curvy fonts to represent their business, maybe to seem more classy and fresh. As I approached near Brooklyn College in the junction, I saw that a lot of the businesses on a certain strip of the block had very big and bold, clear cut fonts, also pertaining to the Sans Serif family, and I feel it’s because they want to be immediately seen and understood; There’s a ton of stores and competition in the area, so being straightforward and to the point help people find what they need quickly, especially in such a high traffic area regardless of how potentially boring and even unappealing the fonts can be. My featured picture is of a childcare center; I found this to be the most creative and appealing font that conveyed their message. They’re fun and playful and are definitely aimed towards children, and I also thought it was cool that they put legs under the ‘2’ to convey the idea of ‘leaping to success’.

Hi, I’m Cameron

Hi everyone, my name is Cameron and I’m currently majoring in Communication Design after switching over from 2.5 years of Computer Science. I was intrigued by computer programming which made me pick up CS but then I realized it’s not something I want to take on as a career. I love art/design so this major will allow me to be more creative and enjoy my work a lot better.

I have many interests so I’ll just talk about the ones most important to me. Piano is the first, I’ve learned to play since elementary school but don’t get to practice since I don’t own one sadly. I enjoy listening to a lot of different music but my favorite genre is indie music. I love art/photography, anything that is appealing to my eye and catches my attention is interesting to me. I’m very into fashion too, I mostly like streetwear but try to delve into different styles myself.  And lastly, I’ve been gaming since I was about 4 years old and got into competitive gaming when I was 14; I’ve been competing since then and I play many different fighting games, as they are definitely my favorite type of game to play.

Artist: Damien