Typography in Myrtle Ave.


In my neighborhood, the typography in the signs I see are very diverse, used for different stores and forms of transportation. I took pictures of typographic signs that were from stores, restaurants, street signs and also on the wall. The typography in Brooklyn is very diverse and this is a good representation of how my community is overall, because it is very diverse with different groups of people coming into the neighborhood.

There are a lot of signs where I live, for examples there are street signs and one way sign streets for cars, and these signs use a sans serif typeface. That way, people who are walking on the street or drivers can be able to see more clearly where they are at. There are also sans serif typefaces on the public transportation sites, specifically on the trains and the buses. They appear when they gives the names on a certain stops, disclaimers on the train cars and also on the advertisements that appear on top of the cars as well. I also witness a lot of serif typefaces on the signs for the restaurants that I took pictures of. The strokes are rather thick and the serifs themselves can be either presented as thin or somewhat blocky as well. I believe that the restaurants and stores have their typefaces large so that it could be more attention grabbing to people to come eat their food. They provide such a big presentation in order to appear visually appealing to the upcoming customers who would want to buy at their restaurants. There is also another small restaurant that has a script typeface, and I like this one a lot because it is very unique and pretty. Although this restaurant is small, I do enjoy the typeface as it gives a unique flow than the other stores that I have seen.


Hi, My Name is Jenise

My name is Jenise. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and I am of Puerto-Rican and Dominican Descent, but I don’t know how to speak spanish. I enjoy drawing and I like to listen to a lot of  Rock and Metal music. I have a pet leopard gecko named Marvin. I’m kinda shy but also really nice and I can be quite funny as well.

Illustration by Miguel