This is SoHo, a historical district in lower Manhattan. As much as NYC is a fashion capital, everyone wants to get their brand out there and presentation is key. A crucial element that not only allows us to check in on what’s hip and trending at the moment, but something that is timeless as well as modern. SoHo, the name given because it is South of Houston, was well known for being home to many artists lofts and galleries embracing its own uniqueness. As it is not much in it’s artistic realm as it once was, it is still known to many as being the up-and-coming neighborhood to promote, well, anything really. So, aesthetics really do matter as well as something that will catch people’s attention with a right balance of flare. There are many brands out there and remembering how they look and how they all mesh well in Today’s modern world is very quintessential. 

My Name is…


My name is Emilia. I have no idea what typography actually consist of, so I am hoping I will at least accomplish some basics out of this. I am in no way artistic so I at least hope I’ll learn some most common used fonts and lettering as we live in NY and aesthetics matter.