Far Rockaway Mott Ave


Far Rockaway is a very diverse area, its filled with many different cultures.  There are many businesses with the use of many different types of typography. Most of the typography used is in  San Serif. This allows the wording to be clear, clean, and, straightforward, making it easier for people to read. There are also some stores that use fancy, creative, and unique fonts to attract people. One example would be the liquor store seen in the image above. This store uses the Black Letter font, a font commonly used in newspapers, its text. At first, I thought this was odd, but through research, I later found out many alcohol brands use the black letter as their logo. I also found out that black letter is a font that has been used to give off a sort of rebellious attitude or vibe, it has been used in rap covers and rock band covers, it has also been used in many gang tattoos as well. Besides Black Letter, there were many other fonts that used a lot of curved lines, some stores made their text bold, making it hard to miss. A lot on the text used was mostly based on the type of business. Beauty salons or stores that sold hair products would tend to have their text in the script, and supermarkets would tend to have their text big and bold.  Based on the typography in my neighborhood, you could say that it’s a very diverse, bold, and busy neighborhood. You could also say that my neighborhood is flowing with lots of energy.

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  1. Gary, this is a great analysis. I appreciate that you did extra research into the Black Letter typeface.

    Why do you think the beauty supply stores mostly use script typefaces? Any significance in that?

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