Type in Astoria

The neighborhood I live in, Astoria is very diverse and multicultural. It has become very popular with the millennial generation because of the various cultures present in the area. Astoria has people from many different parts of the world residing here. The different types of typography in the area also shows how diverse Astoria has become.

The diversity of Astoria can also be seen in the foods found in the area. Each culture has its own cuisine and it is a huge reason why so many people visit this neighborhood. Along with the food, Astoria also has a very energetic nightlife which is popular among the younger generation.

The typography seen around my neighborhood further displays diversity. An example of this is the graffiti shown in the photo. This shows how the artistic side of this neighborhood is displayed. The typography in the area also shows the different types of businesses example; laundromats, banks, deli’s, restaurants, liquor stores and groceries. I believe that the photos of the bank and real estate company show the business side of the neighborhood and also I believe the laundromats and barbershops show the small business side of  the neighborhood. Finally the photos taken of street signs show how accessible my neighborhood is for drivers.

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