The Typography Elements of East New York

There are many businesses in East New york that use different types of typefaces to appeal to the people passing by their stores. The most frequent typeface that i saw was San Serif but the typography presented in the Duane reade sign above is very unique.  The “Duane” in the Duane reade sign is bolded compared to the “reade” in the name. Duane also seems to have a Sans Serif typeface while reade has a serif typeface. I feel like the use of Sans Serif in this sign shows a very direct and serious tone of the store along with the black and white colors. Even though the “reade” in the sign isnt bolded the contrast of the “Duane” in the name being bolded mkes the sign very noticeable to me. Another thing that makes the sign noticeable is the straight black background, The store takes up the corner of the block so the black background goes all the way around.

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