El Restaurante – Winson


To begin with, my neighborhood is very diverse filled with different type of cultures. It would consist of Asians, Native Americans, Mexicans, Italians, Jewish, and Arabs. One of my favorite spots is this image above of a Mexican restaurant.

This image uses a couple of different fonts but the font that stands out the most is the Rosewood STD regular font. This font Rosewood is based on Serif, Slab Serif, and Clarendon typefaces. The Rosewood font catches the audience’s attention from its bicolor and its flamboyant details within the words. The italics and boldness of the font also helps catches the attention of customers. The owner of the restaurant added flag of Mexico to shows its culture and theme. Even though there are many other type of typography in my neighborhood, this restaurant shows its usage of their creative unique font to catch attention compared to others.


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