Corona the Place of Refined Types – Maisha

Typography is presented in the photo above, with almost several of fonts used to convey the audience’s attention that draws them to the stores. Dunkin Donuts and Check Cash place has a San serif type family. To differ the round san serifs and equally spaced bold font allows people to read easily and straightforward. In Checks Cash, tall modern san serif bold typeface creates a more modern approach as well as drawing attention of older audiences. Not only is it a modern approach, but more assertive in a bold text. In the second sign, the Liquor and Wine has a casual script type family with few less swatches and creates a more legible font for the older audience as well. The third sign has a mixture of old style and modern with no san serif to connotate the old fashion style they have with a mixture of modernization.

The more fonts I saw in my neighborhood, had the ideal 5 family type there, where it creates a welcoming sign to all ages. Nail salons and Spa’s had more of script and curvy fonts to make you feel more approachable to the store. As for kids stores, there are more fonts that have bolder round color type face to attract the attention of younger kids. I had saw very few old style serif fonts, where all stores had seemingly transitioned into the modern style with no san serif and with either kerning to fit all the writing in one space or to create a flowy type where people can read easily.

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