Class 2 – Introduction to Five Families of Type & InDesign

Last Wednesday we were introduced to the following:

The Five Families of Typography

Here is the information we used as an introduction to the 5 Families of Typography.


As additional information, you can use this article.

Video – Type Classification

Anatomy of Typography

You also should have received the Type Anatomy sheet.

We covered some terminology:

Typeface vs Font

  • Font – one weight, width or style of a typeface
  • Typeface – the letters, numbers and symbols that make up a design of type. A typeface is part of a type family of coordinated designs. For example, Helvetica Bold is the typeface and is a part of the Helvetica family of type (Helvetica is the type family, Helvetica Bold is the typeface).
  • Type family – the full collection of typefaces that were designed together and intended to be used together. For example, Garamond font family consists of roman, italics, semi bold, and bold weights. Combined together, these make up the Garamond type family.

Video – Type Anatomy and Terminology


Introduction to Adobe InDesign. The introduction covered creating a new document. One of the first things we must learn is how to create a new document. We will continue during Monday’s class, but here is a video which covers an intro to Adobe InDesign and some basics of graphic design:


Homework — Due Mon, Feb 4

  • Bring you tracing pad, ruler, and pens to class.
  • Type Journal — Take 20-30 pictures of type in your neighborhood, write a 1 page paper on what that typography tells you about your neighborhood, print it and add it to type journal. Use 1” margins all around and double-space. Embed the best photo into this document to help explain what you are writing about. You should place the other photos (4 or 5 per page) in another document that you will print and add to your journal.Once you have your paper ready, post it here to this website with the 1 photo you selected. Be sure to check your spelling, grammar capitalization, etc. Select a unique title.


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