• Date: Tuesday, Nov 30, 2021
  • via ZOOM


PROJECT 3 is due Class 29, December 14.

Continue Project 3: Social Media Posts (for Pet Peeve Exhibit)

  • The following text will be used for four social media posts
    • The Title of your pet peeve
    • And Other Pet Peeves
    • See Link
  • Specs:
    • Use common social media square format 1080 x 1080 pixels
    • In InDesign the size will be 3.5″x3.5″
    • Set margins of your choice
    • Take an abstract photo or create a texture. We will use it as background only.
    • Use typefaces that relate to your PET peeve posters. These announcements partner up with the posters.
Note this is the photograph used on the examples below. It will be used purely as an abstract background.
  • How to use color and image
    • Square 1: Black Text on White Background
    • Square 2: White Text on Black Background
    • Square 3: Photographic or Textural Background Choose color of typography
    • Square 4: Must use color 
  • Look at example below (Please note that your solutions must be different than these). Is the hierarchy appropriate? Are the colors and images offering the viewer an easy to read experience? Are point size, line space and letter space working in a cohesive way?


Students explore contrast and legibility though use of actual color (other than black), imagery (photos), and type


  • Start assignment during class. This is the third part of Project 3
  • Create a new InDesign Document 11 x14 inches
  • 3 columns with .5 inch gutter
  • .5 inch margins all around

In this document, we will create columns that are different sizes.
To move the actual guides that are indicating your columns and gutter

  • GO to VIEW
    GRID and GUIDES>
  • Now you should be able to move these guides
  • Create a 3.5″ (or 21 pica) square
  • Place on the top left margin
  • Move the gutter guide to align with the end of this square
  • Place another square on the second column
  • Move the gutter guide to align with the end of this square
  • Add Add 1 more squares below (for a total of 3).
  • This should be placed .5 inch below the top 2
Your page should look like this + the 4th square.

On third column add:

Social Media Posts, Your name and credit the art on 3rd Column.
All art must be your own or a copyright free image. All art must be credited.

To-Do After Class

Have PHOTOSHOP READY for Next Class

  • Due next class:
    • Complete 4 social media postings (see above specs)
    • Save native InDesign files
    • Export page as a PDF
    • Lastname_first_name_social_media.pdf
    • Place in Google Drive before next class

Graphic Assignments are always due before next class, and must be placed in class drive unless indicated otherwise. Assignments uploaded during class on the day that they are due are marked as late.

Participation Activities (Scavenger Hunts, Type Talks and Type Challenges) are due either during class or the day before class at 11:30 pm as indicated by instructor.

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