Class Info

  • Date: Tuesday, Nov 23, 2021
  • Meeting Info: via ZOOM



Understanding text wrap (or runaround) and the relationship between image, text, space and distance:

  • How leading, tracking, kerning, alignment, visual hierarchy could be affected by text wrap


During Class: Type Challenge
Practice text wrap

  • Create a new 1-page, 8.5″x11″ Indesign document
  • .5″ margins all around
  • 4 columns with a 1 pica gutter
  • Go to Type –> Fill –> Placeholder Text
  • Add 1 shape (rectangle)
  • We will apply the different kinds of text wraps
  • Add a heading inside a shape
  • Let’s study what happens and why
Create a shape and add a word.
Place the word over the shape
These items need to be grouped (Select box the shape and the text, go to OBJECT> GROUP
  • It will be necessary to group certain items in order to apply text wrap
    • NOTE: You can make a black text box with white text, but this might limit the ways in which you can position. Decide what is best based on your design
  • Save as Lastname_TC_textwrap_practice, export as PDF
  • Place in Google Drive

To-Do After Class

Graphic Assignment

Complete layout of Poster 3 with text wrap.
See PDF with assignment details

  • Use the same grid as the previous two posters
  • Content:
    • The words: My Pet Peeve Exhibit
    • Title of your Pet Peeve (different for everybody)
    • Use 8-10 of the pet peeves provided in the Word doc.
  • Specs:
    • Use the same grid as the previous two posters
    • Include a shape
    • Must use text wrap
    • Use of color is OK
    • Type CONSIDERATIONS as per previous lectures
    • Save as Lastname_Firstname_poster_textwrap
    • Export as a PDF
    • Place in Google Drive
    • Due before the next class on Monday night, Nov 29th, 11:30pm

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