Class Info

  • Date: Thursday, November 18, 2021
  • Meeting Info: via ZOOM


  • Continue Posters.
  • Look at sketches and determine which are the best solutions.
  • Translate our sketches to actual designs.


  • Learn to translate sketches to actual designs (typeface selection, use of grid, visual hierarchy).


Work on Posters

Now that we have the grid and content of your poster, it is time to design
I will talk to you individually to see your sketches and discuss the best ideas for your posters

  • You should already have this document done from last class
    • 2-page document
    • size 11 x 14 inches
    • 3 pica margin all around
    • 8 columns / 1 pica gutter
    • 12 horizontal rows / 1 pica gutter
      • GO to LAYOUT>CREATE GUIDES>ADD the rows and gutter> OPTIONS>from margin
  • Now when taking a sketch into its design, you must consider the following:
    • Specs:
      • Create 2 different designs (2 layouts following the same grid)
      • Use type only 
      • TWO typefaces max. (but with extensive families ok)
      • Black and White
      • Follow the grid
      • Emphasize your visual hierarchy
        • Emphasize contrast with scale (something must be BIG, something must be small)
    • Must consider and apply what was previously covered in class: Type selection and variations, alignment, word and letter spacing, line height, expression, etc.
  • Look at sample below with complete process:
Project 3 process

Project 3 process

To-Do After Class

Graphic Assignment

  • DUE Next class:
    • Complete two different layouts in InDesign
      These will have the same grid and the same contents, but be completely different layouts
    • Once completed save your InDesign files.
    • Then Export PDF file
    • Save file as

Graphic Assignments are always due before next class, and must be placed in class drive unless indicated otherwise. Assignments uploaded during class on the day that they are due are marked as late.

Participation Activities (Scavenger Hunts, Type Talks and Type Challenges) are due either during class or the day before class at 11:30 pm as indicated by instructor.

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