16-page book using InDesign.

Project 1 introduces common type vocabulary: Anatomy of type, variations, arrangement and spacing, as well as the basic page composition of industry standard publication software (InDesign)

Although this project is directly related to typography, students will choose a favorite performer, athlete, band, writer, etc, and will write a 1 paragraph short biography. This performer’s name and bio will become the actual content of the book.

Project material and assignments are covered in Classes 4 to 12

This project contains multiple assignments:

  • Create multiple page InDesign Booklet:
    • Designing a cover, anatomy of type, variations, alignment, line space, word space, type on a path.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students learn the basics of typography including:
    Anatomy of type, variations, arrangement and spacing. It is essential for students not only to understand these terms, but understand why and how we used them in various applications.
  • Students are introduced to the basics of industry standard publication software (setting up pages, guides, master pages)


  1. Set up pages

Due Date(s)

  • Project 1 is due on CLASS 12


  • Add assignment resources or readings
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