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This Sums Me Up

Hi, my name is Khaleah. My hobbies consist of playing video games (mainly black ops) and watching horror & romcom movies.  Lastly my favorite foods are fries and waffles.

My Typography

Hello, this is Virginia Sanchez. I enjoy watching youtube, anime, and movies. I look forward to learning many interesting and fun topics while in Type and Media.

Welcome to Deangraphy

Photo Credit : Kendra

Hi , my name is Sidean and to give you a little information about me , my favorite color is blue and I love to play basketball whenever I get the chance. I also very much enjoy playing video games which is actually something that I truly love to do and if graphic designing does not work out for me I would love to do something with video games. I also have two dogs that I also love to be around.


Typography Name
Photo credit Alayna


My name is Safa Cabrera and I’m from Brooklyn, I’m a makeup enthusiast and I love doing makeup. What people notice about me is my nose ring which I’v had since I was child.

Neighborhood Typography – Type Journal

Type Journal

Take 20-30 pictures of typography in your neighborhood, write a 1-page paper on what that typography tells you about your neighborhood, print it and add to your type journal. Use double-spacing and set 1″ margins on all four sides. Be mindful of grammar and spelling. You can do this in Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Embed your photos in the document.

Due Date: Thursday,  Aug 30, 2018

A little about Me

Hello! My name is Ornella Dossou Yovo. I was born in October 19.

One thing I love to do is play guitar, and sing.

My favorite food is Pizza.

My favorite colors are Black,White,Yellow,Red, and Orange.


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