Please Join Us To Cheer On Our Students – Saturday, May 16 @ 7 PM

Please join us to cheer on our students and COMD as two films have been selected as finalists and are up for potential awards at the 2020 CUNY Film Festival on Saturday, May 16 at 7 PM.¬† The virtual awards ceremony will be streamed at the link below, followed by an exclusive screening of the nominated student documentary and a student Q&A session moderated by Professor Josh Kapusinski.¬†¬†If you have time, please check it out as it’s inspiring and important to see their classmate’s success and hard work being recognized.¬† The director and producer of one of the nominated films are both COMD graphic design students – so this is applicable to all students, not just video students.

Saturday, May 16th –¬†Event link:¬†

6:55 PM –¬†Virtual doors open

7:00 PM Р2020 CUNY Film Festival awards ceremony

7:30 PM – Exclusive screening of the¬†student nominated documentary “The SoHo Memory Project” (14 min.)

7:50 PM РCOMD student filmmaker Q&A

(Note: If you wish to ask questions or comment in the chat on during the event (Q&A, etc.) which will be on YouTube, log in to your Gmail account in another tab of your Internet browser and then click on the link above as YouTube is part of Google/Gmail.  If you just want to watch, then you do not have to have a Gmail account, just click on the link above).

Nominated films include:

The SoHo Memory Project¬†–¬†Watch Preview

Director Or Szyflingier, Editors Gabriela Martinez and Natasha Yee, Cinematographer Jonathan Baez, Producer Melanie Martinez, Motion Designer Hoa Vu, Production Assistant Anna Sedova.

The King of Merriment¬†–¬†Watch Preview

Director, editor, cinematographer Josh A. Kapusinski

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